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From the People that Brought you the Euro and Hamlet 2 Comes the Euro 2

Kick them out of the Union. Bail them out and let them stay in the Union. Shut the whole Union down. These are the three options generally considered when discussing what needs to be done with those countries in the … Continue reading

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Reserves, China, Euro, Dollar, SDR, Gold, Oh My!

Gold has doubled in three years.  The euro has bobbed like a drunken sailor. Bailouts of institutions and countries abound.  And to paraphrase Winston Churchill “The dollar is the worst form of currency except all those other forms that have … Continue reading

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If time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana, then what does a Black Swan fly like?

The timing of Nassim Taleb’s initial release of the Black Swan was uncanny, on the eve of the rolling recession of 2007-2010. As uncanny is the release of this new editionon the eve of a market tremor brought on by … Continue reading

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